The Best Mobile Strike and Read the Review

The Best Mobile Strike and Read the Review

More controversy, more criticism, with so many policies unpopular in the eyes of gamers, not a strange thing it seems that if one of the largest publishers in the gaming industry – Electronic Arts continues to gain the title as one of the worst companies in the United States. Apart from the claim that they will try to improve that image, EA continues to blunder. The launch of Battlefield 4 are full of problems, dismissals and closure of many studios that take shelter under them, YouTuber bribe policies to promote their games, and the last one sounds even more sinister – trying to manipulate the ratings system games on Google Play. This phenomenon is happening with the title of their latest game – Mobile Strike hack.

Mobile Strike itself is a remake of one of the older series are quite popular in the past. Offered as a free to play game, Mobile Strike is indeed a nightmare in itself. Almost all the reviews from the media and users refer to it as a model of free to play games terpayah ever. EA intentionally embed various requirements “unreasonable” to impede the progress of your game, which in turn, can only be resolved by accessing microtransactions and buy the items you need to use real money. Many who saw it as a betrayal of a franchise that is so well loved in the past. But this is only the root of the real problem.
EA uses shortsighted way to create Mobile Strike remain high rating on Google Play, in spite of the harsh criticism leveled media and gamers who have tried it.

Not just develop a disappointing mechanical microtransactions, EA also tried to manipulate the ratings system Mobile Strike way that is quite insular. Every gamer who tried to give a 1-4 star rating in this game, EA will automatically bring up a feedback sheet, and nullify the rating you select. But if you give it a 5 star rating, which is also peppered with the lure of free updates, EA will automatically integrate these values ​​with the rating this Google Play Mobile Strike. The result? Apart from the existing excoriation, this game has a comparatively high enough rating on Google Play. Wow!

Microtransactions indeed be considered very normal mechanisms applied in a game free to play, especially is designed very well. Game-class game World of Tanks, DOTA 2, Team Fortress, or Planetside 2 even has become a valid proof of how they can work together and invite positive feedback from gamers. While EA’s The Dungeon Defender and that was done at the Namco Bandai Tales of Phantasia iOS into a nightmare that did not want to ever want to see players in the future. Please EA, this is not what we want … we can assure you that ..

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