Project Morpheus, Virtual Reality Headset for PS4 & dragon ball z dokkan battle

Project Morpheus, Virtual Reality Headset for PS4 & dragon ball z dokkan battle

Do you remember when Sony mentioned it would announce something to win the competition in the realm of the console? At that time, the Japanese manufacturer is rumored to be ready to introduce their Virtual Reality device for the PS4.

The news has now become a reality. Through the event the Game Developers Conference 2014 which took place in San Francisco, Sony revealed the presence of Project Morpheus!

Although still called a prototype, dragon ball z dokkan battle looks like a final product ready for sale to the market. According to Shuhei Yoshida from Sony, it will continue to improve the features of this device over time.

So, what underlies Sony to create Project Morpheus? Sony assessed the virtual reality will make the game industry advanced more rapidly. Sony is also ready to work with NASA to work on a demo that allows gamers feel as though they were on the planet Mars.

In the same event, Sony’s R & D engineer Anton Mikhailov has mentioned the possibility of motion sickness that gamers will experience when using virtual reality devices. Mikhailov explained that virtual reality must keep latency low, frame-rate is high, calibrated perfectly, able to render images well, and runs maximum with 3D audio. All that is what is being tried in Project Mopheus.

The current Project Morpheus prototype has supported 1080p display with 90 degree field of view. Users if they can see the surroundings by rotating 360 degrees! DualShock 4 and PS Move can work using the same camera. More sophisticated, Project Morpheus offers 60 virtual speakers that allow gamers to detect exactly where the sound comes from!

Interestingly,  dokkan battle cheats 2017 can also be used for online and local multiplayer! “The multiplayer aspect (from VR) is very interesting,” Mikhailov said. To further bring the best gaming experience, Sony has also been working with Epic Games, Unity, Crytek, Autodesk, and others.

Unfortunately, there is no clarity when Project Morpheus ready to be released into the market. Luckily for those attending GDC 2014 because Project Mopheus prototype is on display in their booth complete with demos using Thief, The Deep, The Castle, and EVE Valkyrie games. Let’s see how Project Morpheus will change the world of video games in the future!

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