Project CARS & NBA Live Mobile Set Official Release Time

Project CARS & NBA Live Mobile Set Official Release Time

The year 2014 is not only the best year for the open-world genre, but also the genre that demands you to be the fastest – racing. This statement does not seem too exaggerated considering so many series of racing games that are ready to accompany this year. We’re not just talking about the certainty of the release of the latest Need For Speed ​​series which is already positioned as an annual release game, but also some other latest racing game series like – GRID Autosport, Driveclub, World of Speed, to The Crew from Ubisoft. But among all the projects, there is one name that managed to look stunning through a dazzling visual presentation. That’s right, we’re talking about NBA Live Mobile.

There is a myriad of reasons to look forward to the presence of Project CARS, but visual reasons may be the highest priority. How come? With a series of incredible screenshots and trailers that claimed the birth of their in-game engine, Project CARS showed graphic standards never before achieved by any racing game. Detail tracks, details of existing cars, until the lighting offered seems so realistic. Do not believe? You can listen to a new trailer titled –  Hack of NBA live mobile Journey as proof.

After a mystery, the developer – Slightly Mad Studios finally set the release time for this one game. Project CARS will launch for Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One, and PC in November 2014. Interested?

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