From Software Admits Dark Souls & GTA 5 Visual Quality Decrease

From Software Admits Dark Souls & GTA 5 Visual Quality Decrease

Significant visual quality decline, this one trend seems to start haunting the industry and continues to be the target of gamers’ criticism as a major consumer candidate. Great anticipation of a game that looks so dazzling in a series of screenshots, trailers, even early demos did not always indicate a similar sensation in the retail version. Watch Dogs has sparked controversy because of this, especially since the latest trailer released by Ubisoft does not represent the visual beauty of their inaugural E3 2012 teaser. It’s the same thing that also revolves around the phenomenal game of From Software – GTA 5 .

Newly released for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Dark Souls 2 indeed had time to show a dazzling visual quality at the beginning of its introduction, especially from the effects of existing light. Claims about the presence of new engines seem to give extra hope that one of the hardest games in this modern era will also offer a pampering experience. Unfortunately, those who expect much should be overwhelmed by disappointment. Dark Souls 2 retail version was not as good as the demo version and trailer that had previously released. The world now feels brighter without the effects of light – a significant shadow. Some users in the virtual gaming community even throw video and comparative screenshots to prove it.

From Software can no longer dodge. In an official statement they threw into the gaming site – CVG, From Software admitted that they had indeed degraded the visual quality of GTA 5 hack money android  during the development process. The reason? To balance this game on its own, it not only focuses on how comfortable it is played, but also ensures limited console resources can be maximized. The last product of Dark Souls 2 recognized From Software, is already the peak of the best balance they can offer.

With the start of a case like this, it becomes a dilemma to believe and instantly love the visual quality of a game only from the first trailer or even the initial demo on offer. Despite the fact that Dark Souls is not a game that sells visual quality and more towards gameplay, this is certainly quite disappointing for some gamers. Hope the PC version looks better ..

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