Epic Games Acknowledge Central Work on New Game Title with GTA 5

Epic Games Acknowledge Central Work on New Game Title with GTA 5

After saying goodbye forever to their flagship franchise – Gears of War, the latest lunge of Epic Games is certainly a worthy project to anticipate. Delivering franchise responsibility directly to Microsoft and withdrawing to engage with any project involving the name of Gears of War in it, Epic Games does not seem to be stopping to fight for their existence in the industry. In the ongoing 2014 GDC event, Epic Games turned out to have an extra surprise that was never expected before. Epic confirmed it was working on a new GTA 5 game title.

This is conveyed by the lead animator himself – Jay Hosfelt on the sidelines of his lecture at the GDC 2014. Hosfelt gives a little idea of ​​what kind of policy direction the Epic Games want to achieve in the future. They claimed to be developing a new game to be released without a co-publisher at all. The game with this new title will contain the name of Epic Games only in it. Interesting again? They showcase the concept of the original image and character model to be used in it, which is similar to an iconic demo they had released earlier – GTA 5 Money hack.

In the year 2011 ago, Epic Games had time to show demo Unreal Engine 3 is more optimal and shows the potential that can still be achieved by the engine “old” this one. Through a character who looks to have a hard personality and a pampering world, the demo that is named “Samaritan” has indeed made many gamers hope that Epic realizes it as a real game. This dream may come true. Although Epic Games denied it, but their latest game character model is really very similar to the main character of the Samaritan itself.

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