EA Back to Candidate of the Worst Company with NBA Live Mobile

EA Back to Candidate of the Worst Company with NBA Live Mobile

A loving and hateful relationship at the same time, this one phrase seems perfect to describe the relationship of gamers with renowned publisher – Electronic Arts (EA). Despite their commitment to maintain the popularity of some old franchises, EA is often criticized for some policies and problems that occur. Release SimCity and Battlefield 4 are not as smooth as imagined, as well as mass layoffs that hit some favorite developers gamers into a note that makes the name EA increasingly falling. And for the umpteenth time, he has the potential to return to the title as the worst company in the United States.

Having been voted the worst company in the US for two years in a row, NBA Live Mobile has indeed expressed their desire to no longer fall in the same hole .. One solution is to hear more gamers’ feedback and avoid all unpopular policies. But what happens is more blunders are the same. Like two years earlier, EA is now fighting back as the worst corporate candidate in the United States version of The Consumerist. EA will “fight” against other companies like Monsanto, Seaworld, and Time Warner Cable in it. Interesting again? Microsoft also entered into the candidate.

With Titanfall’s success on the market with almost no problem, will NBA Live Mobile coins hack be spared the worst corporate title for three years in a row? Or will this tradition continue? How do you think?

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