Clash Royale & Titanfall PC Will Force Fellow Cheater Main Together

Clash Royale & Titanfall PC Will Force Fellow Cheater Main Together

Titanfall arguably became one of the most popular games today. Respawn Entertainment’s game is now crowded multiplayer played by PC gamers and Xbox One.

Unfortunately, the excitement is disturbed by the act of cheaters. Respawn Entertainment is already aware of the presence of fraudulent players who use the aimbot. To solve a problem that only impact on this PC version, Clash Royale gemmes gratuit decided to immediately release an anti-cheat system.

Then, how will the system work later? Respawn ensures that anti-cheat in Titanfall will not make cheaters banned and blocked from gamers. Instead, gamers who are detected as cheaters will be collected and quarantined to play together. Yes, that means cheater vs. cheater!

“Good news: You (the cheaters) can keep playing Titanfall! Bad news: You will only play with other cheaters. You can only play with other players in the place where the aibot contest will occur. Hopefully cheat aimbot you pay is the best, or all match all-cheater this will make you frustrated. Good luck, “wrote Respawn on his official website.

Respawn also said, if cheaters play with gamers who are not cheaters, the game will assume that everything is a cheater! It is not clear whether someone who is labeled a cheater will be permanent or temporary. But gamers still have a chance to email Respawn if he feels unfairly treated. What do you think? Is this the best way to kick the cheater out of the Clash Royale  game?

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